Gaming rifles and accessories every enthusiast should have

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In the competitive game of target shooting, the right rifle and accessories can spell the difference between success and failure for a player. Even shooting enthusiasts invest in the right rifles and accessories like a clay target thrower to not only get the best experience outdoors but also to ensure their safety. But what exactly are the best gaming rifles and accessories that every enthusiast should have in their arsenal?

Types of Gaming Rifles

Centrefire Rifles

Most hunters who go for big-game species like reindeers, antelopes and moose prefer to use a centrefire rifle because of its accuracy in shooting longer distances. This modern rifle design provides an even burn to the powder, unlike the rimfire round. Centrefire rifles also have thicker cartridges that allow for bigger bullets and more powder, and they are left intact after firing. A centrefire rifle offers the bullet speed, accuracy and power needed to take down the largest animals in gaming, which makes it a reliable companion for big game shooting.

Rimfire Rifles

For those who love to hunt small game species, rimfire rifles like the .22 long rifle have long been the weapon of choice. In fact, the .22 round was the first one created and its design has stayed the same since 1845. Rimfire rifles are also used mostly for hunting or practice where a clay target thrower may also be involved. This is because rimfire rounds have less powder and can make long distance shots less accurate. Lighter bullets such as those in rimfires can also be affected by the crosswind, especially at shots fired at a distance of 100 yards or more. Visit us at The Barn

Types of Gaming Accessories

Clay Target Thrower

Shooters who want to brush up on their targeting skills prefer to practice using a clay target thrower that shoots up clay pigeons that gamers can shoot at. Each pigeon can be shot by a clay target thrower at a distance of over 300 yards, which provides for a great way for shooters to improve their shooting skills using clay pigeons.

Ammo Storage

You can’t go wrong with investing in the right ammunition storage that will keep your ammo safe when shooting outdoors. It should be made from polypropylene that is guaranteed to last for a long time and it should also have a snap-lock latch that will keep your ammunition from accidental spilling. If you’re planning to buy Howa rifles Australia has to offer, then why not throw in ammo storage to complete it?


A bipod is a must-have for shooters who like to take their shots on a prone or sitting position. This accessory allows for the shooter to take a more stable and balanced shot, which make it a favourite among hunters or competitive shooters who want their shots to be more accurate, especially in long distances.

Of course, there is the importance of investing in the right gun storage to keep rifles safe and away from the wrong hands, especially around the house. Most shooting enthusiasts would go for rifle hard cases that they can take anywhere with them, but some also invest in gun safes for those rifles stored in their homes.

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