Mobile Technologies Applications & 3G

Yvette Wilkins | November 9, 2018 | 0

This is one of our largest areas and conferences range from the mainly technical, such as Cell Planning and Transmission Networks for Mobile Operators, to the largely strategic, such as 3G 2003, Prepaid Mobile and Telecoms Fraud. Many events focus on very specific applications, such as SMS, In-Building, GPRS and location based services. Despite the different technical and strategic slants across these events, all our mobiles programmes ultimately address the issues of improving services and generating revenue streams from the rapidly developing technical capabilities and shifts in market trends. Check out mobile application technology trends.

One of our largest conferences is the TETRA World Congress. This is the World’s largest TETRA event and attracts over 1000 industry players and users to the four day multi-streamed conference and exhibition, which this year is taking place in Copenhagen.